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Online Counselling Sessions are offered throughout the Province Ontario provided internet service capabilities do not interfere with the quality of sessions.

Oakridge Counselling London Ontario – Physical Location is:
1255 Commissioners Road West,
London Ontario Canada
N6K 4N5

Ontario Online Location Boundaries

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Extending North to Sudbury, Ontario.

Eastern Ontario to the Kingston, Pembroke and Ottawa areas.

Southern Ontario to Windsor and surrounding areas.

Western Ontario to the Owen Sound and possibly Thunder Bay areas

Who are online sessions for?

These sessions are for Ontario residents and work well for those with good internet service, technological skill and those whose mental health is stable. It’s important to be in a private space, where you will not be interrupted during sessions.

When getting ready for a session, please close all programs and reboot your computer. Sign into your session at least 10 minutes before the start time, using the meeting invite provided and test your audio and video to ensure everything is working properly. And please have the phone, with the number you provided, nearby in case the session is interrupted. Your therapist will call the phone number on file if the session is interrupted.

Online sessions might not be for you if…

Ontario online sessions might not the best choice if your mental health is not currently stable or well managed. It may not be a suitable option if you get emotionally triggered during sessions and do not have adequate distress tolerance skills to manage this.

It is not advisable to do online sessions if you don’t have a private place to do it or if you will be interrupted or distracted during the session.

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