• Increase Client Retention
    5 Tips to Increase Client Retention If you’re a Couples Therapist in the first years of practice you know how hard it is to keep couples coming to sessions long… Read more: Increase Client Retention
  • Therapy for Women: the benefits
    Therapy for Women: the benefits Therapy for Women: the benefits For many women the challenges of life can get overwhelming. Whether it’s family issues, work struggles or a combination of… Read more: Therapy for Women: the benefits
  • International Women’s Day
    International Women’s Day An International Celebration of Women – what a beautiful thing! And right in the middle of Social Work Week in Ontario too. All day today I have… Read more: International Women’s Day
  • New & Updates
    News & Updates February 2023 – In this Issue Happy Valentines Day Valentines Day is a day of celebration for some and not so much for others. Whatever this day… Read more: New & Updates
  • Can I Trust My Gut?
    Can I Trust My Gut? It’s hard to believe we are at the last of the four part series already. We’ll wrap up today with a brief review of what… Read more: Can I Trust My Gut?
  • Blue Monday
    Blue Monday Even though “Blue Monday” is in the rearview mirror (thank goodness) some of you may still be feeling its blahs. Wisdom Wednesday is here to brighten your day… Read more: Blue Monday
  • Gut Reaction
    Wisdom Wednesday Last week, in the first Wisdom Wednesday post, I invited you to tune into your “inner wisdom.” To observe it and to create a habit of paying attention… Read more: Gut Reaction
  • Wisdom Wednesday
    WISDOM WEDNESDAY is a four part series. One for each Wednesday in January 2023. Sign up to our email community at and get the remaining topics delivered to your inbox… Read more: Wisdom Wednesday
  • Happy Holidays
    Merry Christmas from Oakridge Counselling. Happy Holidays
  • Where Did the Spark Go?
    Where Did the Spark Go When the Baby Arrived? Have you noticed a change in your relationship with your partner since your baby arrived? Perhaps the passion is not as… Read more: Where Did the Spark Go?
  • Why Trust Is Worth It
    Why Trust is Worth It In this touching display, Anya and Gael take viewers to the heart of “why trust is worth it.” The video teaches more about trust and… Read more: Why Trust Is Worth It
  • Do You Have My Back?
    What does it mean to you to know that your partner “has your back?” Many clients look at me sideways when I ask this question. But by the look in… Read more: Do You Have My Back?

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