Couch Need to talk to Someone?

Need to Talk to Someone?

Elizabeth Lacey

We all need someone to talk to.
Someone that actually listens and
doesn’t judge you, or tell you what to do,
as if they know what’s better for you, than you do.

this is the kind of talking we’ll do in counselling

When you feel heard and understood, you start to feel better
and you’re more able to handle the things you needed to talk about

I am here to listen when you want to talk

a comfortable spot reserved just for you when you need to talk to someone

Talking to someone when the demands
of life are paused and nothing is expected of you, can be really helpful. Especially when the listener remembers what you talked about last time.

My clients tell me that they feel encouraged and hopeful in our discussions. They feel more sure of themselves and are more able to do what they need and want to do in their lives with the support of counselling.

woman on phone feeling much better because she is talking to someone and feeling heard and understood
Elizabeth Lacey

when you’re ready to talk

I would be honoured to be the someone you talk to. I will listen, without judgement and encourage you. And you will regain your confidence to deal with what you’re dealing with.

Do you have questions?

No problem – I am happy to answer them for you.

I offer a FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation
so we can talk a bit and you can decide if you want to book a session or not.
You can book your free call online in less than 5 minutes.

Are you are ready for the next step?
Go ahead and book the call – you’ll be glad you did.

Feel free to email using the
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You can email to book a session too
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