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Oakridge Counselling provides online and phone counselling for women and clinical supervision for couples therapists in London and throughout Ontario.

Elizabeth Lacey MSW RSW Sept 4, 2023

Elizabeth Lacey MSW RSW
Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist
Clinical Supervisor and Owner Oakridge Counselling

We specialize in Counselling for Women & Supervision for Couples Therapists

Who is it for:

  • adult women that are comfortable using the technology needed for online session
  • women that prefer to do therapy in their own familiar space
  • women whose mental health is stable and are able to manage themselves in sessions
  • women who normally do in-person therapy sessions but are not feeling well
  • women who have a busy schedule and don’t want to use their driving driving to appointments

Who it may not be for:

  • online therapy may not be for you if you don’t have access to the technology used to run it. This could interfere with the quality of your session. In this case we suggest in-person or phone sessions.
  • your mental health is not stable at this point
  • you do better at managing your emotions when your counselling sessions are in-person
  • you want to work on getting out of your own space more
  • you do not have a private place to do your online sessions
  • you would be too distracted by other people or things that are happening in your space

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Oakridge Counselling offers in-person, phone, online, Walk & Talk Therapy, Walk & Talk for Wellness Group, Supervision & Consultation and Couples Therapy REFERRALS in London Ontario.

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