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Walk & Talk Therapy

At Oakridge Counselling we offer Walk & Talk Therapy because we are passionate about providing opportunities for people in London, Ontario to experience the physical and mental health benefits of therapy in Mother Nature’s Playground.

Walk & Talk Therapy (WATT) is for adults interested in exploring alternatives to the traditional in-office, sit down styles of therapy.

It is a safe, gentle and effective Individual and Group Therapy method. At Oakridge Counselling it is done outdoors in the beautiful Springbank Park all four seasons.

Walk & Talk for Wellness Group walking in the park

counselling london ontario woman feeling good about herself after a walk & talk therapy session

Walk & Talk Therapy is for adults that:

  • can physically manage gentle walking for 50 minutes
  • have stable mental health
  • can manage the differences in privacy in an outdoor therapy setting
  • can manage the increased need for boundary setting surrounding confidentiality ie: when seeing someone you know while in session in an outdoor setting
  • want/need to spend less time sitting for your physical health
  • want to learn or to practice coping skills with your therapist outside of the office
  • think you might benefit from moving your body while managing the intensity of therapeutic would find the sustained face to face/eye contact in office sessions uncomfortable
  • get emotionally triggered or mentally stuck with in office sessions and wonder if you would do better moving or in the outdoor air
  • wonder if your breathing would be better regulated when walking ie: sometimes hold your breath in office sessions
deer in field at dusk

WATT Sessions might NOT be appropriate if?

  • you have a physical health condition or limitation, an injury, a breathing problem, skin condition, vision problem, vertigo or pain for example, that are worse with movement or when in outdoor conditions
  • you are physically unable to do a gentle or slow walk for 50 minutes
  • you are doing trauma work in session
  • you are worried about getting “too emotional” or crying in a more public setting
  • you are starting medication for a mental health condition or another condition and are not sure how you will feel or function on it
  • your mental health symptoms are not well managed or stable
  • you get distracted outside and might not be able to use the therapy time well outside of the office setting
  • you are concerned about seeing someone you know while in an outdoor session and are not able to manage the increased need for boundary setting or decreased privacy

In the 2019 research study “Adult Clients’ Experience of Walk-and-Talk Therapy” Denice Crowe Clark’s findings included the following:

“Clients found walk-and-talk equally or more therapeutic than traditional therapy and felt walk-and-talk could be a less stigmatizing therapeutic alternative for individuals who find traditional, indoor therapy unappealing”

Benefits of Time Spent in Nature

  • Reduced irritability
  • Lowered blood pressure, reduced stress hormones (cortisol)
  • Reduced feelings loneliness
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Restored attention and focus
  • Increased feelings of calm
  • Builds strength and resilience

Session Options

a bridge over water in the fall walking tour

In-Person Sessions at Springbank Park
(more locations to come)
Distance Sessions are a client and therapist walking separately in nature, while together on the phone

Session Fees

In-Person and Distance Sessions
$160 CAD Per 50 Min Session payable
by e-transfer 24 hours before the session

walk & talk therapy at beautiful park

Readings on Benefits of Time in Nature

so peaceful in woods a woman lays on a tree branch to rest
Father, son walk & talk in nature

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin

William Shakespeare
boy embracing fallen tree in woods

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