About Elizabeth

Registered Social Worker,
Supervisor for Couples Therapists
Owner Oakridge Counselling

Welcome to Oakridge Counselling

With over 20 years of experience, I have worked with a range of clients, each with unique qualities and goals. I believe that all people should be treated with respect, understanding and compassion and approach my counselling work with the belief that we are all doing the best we can with the information and experiences we currently have.

I see myself as a guide, working collaboratively with you as the expert in your own life. As your guide, I bring a combination of education, experience, and empathy to our shared journey and am committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental experience for you in our shared space.

Who are my Clients?

woman talking with a therapist in counselling for women with Elizabeth Lacey

My clients are regular people – just like you. That come to me to do “a piece of work” in their lives or relationships.

Many return to “check in” for support and redirection. There can be weeks, or only a week between visits, sometimes months and even years between visits. But my clients come back because I remember them, what matters to them and the details of their lives. They feel comfortable with me and know our time together will be safe, emotionally supportive and helpful. I’d like to do the same for you.

You can start feeling better today

But will it help?

Counselling can be helpful with anxiety, depression and trauma for example, but you don’t have to experience these things to benefit from counselling or therapy.

Research consistently shows that mental health, coping skills, emotion regulation and symptom management improve within a trusted, non-judgemental and supportive counselling relationship. You will get that here.

You don’t have to face it alone

Within the counselling relationship, I am that “someone” that hears you and gets you; that you can trust; that won’t judge you, or tell you what to do. I will hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself, if you ask me to and I will help you clear the obstacles that get in your way and prevent you from doing what you plan to do.

This way of being with people, is what makes counselling with me helpful. It will be helpful for you too. In fact, it is why people come back to see me throughout their lives and refer their friends and family too.

Let’s work together to get you back on track and feeling like yourself again. 

We offer session In-Person, on the phone and Online in London Ontario and Online throughout Ontario

Supervision for Couples Therapists

with Elizabeth Lacey MSW RSW
for RP’s, RP (Qualifying) & RSW’s
Individual, Dyads and Groups of 4-6
Online & In-Person Options Available

Meets CRPO Criteria for Supervisor

3 women sitting on a couch in supervision group talking and laughing, looking comfortable and happy

Couples Therapy

Elizabeth Lacey specialized in Couples Counselling for 15 years and now Supervises and Recommends Couples Therapists and does Relationship Counselling for One with Women

happy black female and male couple sitting together leaning into each others back and laughing


I graduated with a Masters Degree in Social Work MSW in 2002 from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. My Bachelors Degree in Social Work BSW is from the University of Waterloo’s Renison College in 1999 as is my Bachelor of Arts degree in 1998 with a major in Social Development Studies.

Social Work Regulatory Body

I have been a member in good standing in the
Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers since 1999.