Why Trust Is Worth It

Why Trust is Worth It

In this touching display, Anya and Gael take viewers to the heart of “why trust is worth it.” The video teaches more about trust and broken trust in 3 minutes than a bookstore of relationship books could. I’ve read lots of good relationship books but none that conveyed “why trust is worth it” so succinctly.

Many people say they have “trust issues”. Each person describes their “issue with trust” with a slightly different spin, but all are based in fear. They fear similar heart ache, disappointment, embarrassment, abandonment and/or broken trust. Trust issues often lead to confusing arguments in relationships with the “untrustworthy one” trying to prove they can be trusted. It is a very painful experience for both parties.

Why Trust Is Worth It – Updated

I updated and shared this today because I believe that “growing trust” is more important today than it ever has been. Not only trust within ourselves and in our relationships but also in our post pandemic world. This video clearly illustrates the responsibility we all have as people to “grow trust” within ourselves. And to know that we can trust ourselves to do what is best when someone continues to break or betray our trust.

Yes it is helpful when a person that broke your trust shows through their actions that they are “trustworthy” BUT it is only helpful if YOU are able to allow the trustworthy behaviour to “grow trust” inside of you instead of staying stuck in the “preparing to be disappointed” cycle as mentioned in the video. This is very hard to do, very vulnerable too. Thinking about “growing trust” within yourself is a wonderful way to make space for it to grow, alongside of the fear.

Anya says “I almost imagine trust as these invisible hands that we stretch out into the world looking for someone to hold onto as we walk into the unknown future.”

Trusting actions

I wonder what would happen if we extended ourselves into our relationships waiting for our partner to hold onto us as we walk into the unknown future together? And what if in doing this we actually believed that our partner would hold onto us?

I wonder and I hope you will wonder too. Even if all you do is wonder. Let’s face it, when trust has been broken it is hard to be vulnerable, to risk doing something different. Wondering is a private thing to do and it is a good place to start.

If you find this video helpful in anyway please share it with those closest to you. Especially the one that broke your trust. And let the video speak for itself.

I would love to hear your comments.

Warmly Elizabeth Lacey

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