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February 2023 – In this Issue

  • Happy Valentines Day
  • Office Space & In-Person Sessions
  • OC wins the Gold
  • Spotlight on New Business
  • Referrals
Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a day of celebration for some and not so much for others. Whatever this day holds for you I encourage you to practice being kind and gentle with yourself. What does that look like?

Maybe it’s being aware of how much you expect of yourself and being intentional about easing back on those expectations today. Or maybe it’s setting alarms to take “fresh air breaks” throughout the day. Or maybe it’s having a quiet evening with less screen time, a caring bedtime routine and that book you’ve been wanting to read. And maybe it’s just thinking about what being kind and gentle with yourself would look like and writing that down.

If this day for “lovers” isn’t as you want it to be, please resist the temptation to compare yourself with others, or with yourself at some other time in your life. Remember Valentines Day is “just a day” not an assessment of your worthiness. You are loveable, you are loved!  Talk with someone that loves you and intentionally RECEIVE their love.

Not Sure How to Receive?

Not sure how to receive? Try this. When someone is kind or loving toward you or compliments you, put you hand on your heart and pat it a few times as you genuinely thank that person. This gentle patting is a physical cue or encouragement to yourself to let your guard down and receive the goodness that is being offered, whether you believe it or not.

If it is hard for you to receive, I encourage you to make a habit of patting your heart area, or just holding your hand there, with some regularity, until this action feels natural for you. You could make this your “receiving habit” and be intentional of receiving encouragement from yourself to let your guard down.

You don’t have to have your guard down all of the time. In fact, you can keep your guard up unless your hand is on your heart, to show yourself that you can and will protect yourself AND THAT YOU CAN AND WILL RECEIVE in intentional ways.

I would love to hear how this goes for you.
Please feel free to email your stories about this.  

News & Updates

New Office Space

Oakridge Counselling
234-1255 Commissioners Road W.
London ON N6K 3N5
Ph: 519-471-4540

Byron Office

Another Chapter is Beginning and We Are Excited!!
In addition to phone and online counselling sessions, Elizabeth will start seeing a limited number of in-person clients in the new space starting March 7, 2023.
Online booking is NOT available at this time.
In-person sessions will be booked by email.  

Steps to reduce the spread of the coronavirus will be in place. Sessions will be rescheduled or moved to the online platform when symptoms are present and late fees will be waived.  Please do NOT come to the office if you are coughing or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive within the last 5 days.
Please feel free to email any questions.

We are grateful to have found this space backing onto Springbank Park.
There is plenty of free parking around the building; elevator and external access to the second floor office space and a bright west facing view in the office.
Feel free to come early for sessions and go for a walk in the park or enjoy nature or go for a meal afterwards only steps away in the beautiful Byron Village.

News & Updates

News & Updates Oakridge Counselling Won Gold!

Oakridge Counselling wins GOLD
Thanks Londoners and our online supporters for nominating
Oakridge Counselling AND for voting for us. We are delighted to have placed second, in the therapy & counselling category, after our colleagues at the
London Centre for Trauma Therapy
Congratulations to Jordan Thomas and the fabulous LCTT Team for winning first place 2 years in a row!

Spot light on New Local Business

Oakridge Counselling is happy to support and promote this long awaited and valuable service. Congratulations Shawn Bawden
retired midwife turned personal coach, on the launch of your New Business Birth Untangled

Shawn brings a coaching certification and 30 years of experience in the “birthing world” to help clients across Canada make sense of their reproductive experience. 

Find Shawn online at
and/or by email at

baby valentines
Thank you for the Referrals

Word of mouth referrals have kept Oakridge Counselling going for almost 20 years. Thank you to those that have referred friends, coworkers and family to us for counselling. Your trust and confidence in us means a great deal. It’s fair to say
“we wouldn’t be here without you.”  We are grateful for you and your support.
When referring to us please remember we are no longer offering Couples Counselling. We do provide individual counselling for relationship issues.

At Oakridge Counselling, getting started is easier than ever.
We have online booking and email booking

And we offer a FREE Consult Call for all New Clients (individual counselling only)


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  1. Congratulations on the win of gold and the new adventure in office space! Having used services both from Oakridge counselling and London Trauma Therapy Centre I completely understand why you are both at the top of this category, well deserved!

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