Wisdom Wednesday

woman tuning into inner wisdom

WISDOM WEDNESDAY is a four part series.
One for each Wednesday in January 2023.
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We all have “Inner Wisdom.” Call it a gut instinct, a way of knowing or even an individual operating system, we all have it. When people say, “something just didn’t feel right,” or “my gut was telling me not to do it” they are talking about inner wisdom.

Over the four Wednesdays, starting today I’ll write about:

  • getting familiar with your inner wisdom
  • cultivating a deeper connection with it
  • when to allow other’s wisdom to influence you and when not to
  • what to do when you don’t like what your inner wisdom is telling you
  • times when you have listened to it and felt like it was a mistake

Today we’ll start with getting more familiar with Inner Wisdom

Inner Wisdom – Do I have it?

I invite you to take some time (even just 5 minutes) by yourself where you won’t be interrupted for a few minutes. Put your phone out of reach and turn off all screens, phone notifications etc.. Now get comfortable (not too comfortable, sleep may take over – you can give into that once you’re finished here) and welcome your inner wisdom.

You might welcome it out loud, or just think it.
Or you might tune into your sense of it.
Just be guided by what feels right to you in the moment.
It will feel natural to some people to close their eyes.
You can place your hand on your stomach, or your chest
if that feels right for you.
You may not feel led to do anything and it may feel weird.
This is okay – just be in the moment.

Awareness of Inner Wisdom

Then, wait a few minutes and see if you become aware of it.
There may be a whispered presence, or a louder sense of it.
You may think, “is it different than the thoughts swirling around in my head?”
Yes, it is different than whatever your brain is busy doing
while you’re taking this break.
Your brain will do what it does – just don’t get into a discussion with it.
It will be there waiting for you at the end of this brief break
and you can engage with it then.

If you’re aware of your inner wisdom, welcome it again and be with it.
Notice where you sense it in your body. It’s often in the gut area, heart area or head.
If it doesn’t happen like this for you don’t worry,
just sit in the quiet for these few minutes.

If you are aware of your inner wisdom and it has lots to say, you could repeat what it is saying out loud and record it on your phone or write it in a journal.
This exercise is simply “to create a space to notice” and to develop a habit of tuning into it and noticing your inner wisdom amongst all of the stimulation around you.

Just notice without judging or labeling

Sometimes inner wisdom is a feeling without words. Just notice whatever is there without needing to label it or judge it as good or bad. Remember, you were born with this inner wisdom. It really is your internal operating system
that alerts you to what is right or wrong for you.

After about 5-10 minutes feel free to finish with this exercise.
I encourage you to tune in your inner wisdom at other times throughout your day
and in different settings. And to create a habit of noticing it and being with it.

It might have something to say when you’re in the grocery store line up,
or when you’re observing others in a discussion
or even when you’re getting ready to go to sleep at night.

I hope you’ll join me next Wednesday as we dig deeper into “Inner Wisdom”

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Elizabeth Lacey specializes in Women’s Emotional Health Counselling with in-person, phone, online and Walk & Talk Therapy Sessions.

Elizabeth Lacey MSW RSW
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