Yes, I do believe that Spring has finally sprung!


After a very long winter here in Southwestern Ontario, I am finally convinced that Spring is here to stay! I cut my grass last weekend and my gardens are bursting with plants and greenery I don’t recall planting last spring.  It’s very exciting to see what the rain and sunshine produce (I’m choosing to overlook the weeds and dandelions).

As you may have seen in the recent newsletter, I have postponed the webcasts until the Fall 2014. As much as I enjoy doing them, I am unable to commit to them during these busy spring and summer months. I have heard from many of you that your plans will keep you away until the fall. So it seems like a good idea to reconvene in September or October. I’ll keep you posted on the exact date and topics in the newsletter. If you have ideas or topics you would like me to discuss please send them to me in an email.

I hope you’re enjoying the milder, if unpredictable, climate lately and that your relationship is bursting with new life as a result of the sunshine and water you’ve delicately administered over the long winter months.

I look forward to sharing my spring and summer growth and harvest with you, whether in my office, on the newsletter, or in this online environment.

I appreciate your continued support of Oakridge Counselling and to my vision of improving relationships in our community through “word of mouth” referrals, your presence on the newsletter list, on the webcasts, in my office and within your professional communities. Together we hold space for ourselves and for all couples to build and sustain the relationships they want.

Thank you for sharing this vision with me.