Individual Counselling – Telephone



Elizabeth Lacey is only a phone call away

She will call you where ever you are



Benefits of Phone Counselling Include:

Efficient use of your limited time – no more time lost in traffic, or looking for parking

Your sessions happen in the comfort of your own space

You can still fit your session into your busy day as you don’t have to leave your work space

You can still have your session when you don’t have childcare you don’t have to cancel you

You don’t have to drive in bad weather or if you are having car trouble

No worries about running into people you know as you walk into the door marked counselling

Most people find they are more able to soothe themselves during and after difficult sessions when they are in their own space with their comfort objects (like pets, fuzzy slippers, favourite tea cup etc) close by

Many people enjoy having their session outside, yes even while they walk through the woods or sit by the lake sometimes

No worries about awkward meetings in public with therapist as you haven’t met in person and wouldn’t likely recognize each other in public

Why not give phone counselling a try today?

  • Starts with a one hour consultation sessionWeekly and bi-weekly sessions available

  • Payment by etransfer – no time lost processing payments during your session time

  • Emailed session reminders before each session

  • Flexible rescheduling and cancellation policy

  • Counselling is covered by most employee benefit programsElizabeth is a Registered Social Worker = RSW with a Masters Degree in Social Work = MSW

Contact Elizabeth at 519.471.4540
Contact Elizabeth at 519.471.4540

In most cases Elizabeth will return your contact within 48 hours

If you do not get a response within 48 hours please check your junk mail folder