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Couples Counselling, sometimes called Marriage Counselling, is for anyone in a committed relationship. They may be married, living together, dating, engaged, separated, considering marriage, same sex or bisexual couples.

Elizabeth Lacey has worked with couples for 10 years in her private practice setting in North West London, Ontario, Canada.

She specializes in helping couples reconnect on an ongoing basis and after injuries occur in relationship, such as when there has been an affair, either physical or emotional or both. When one or both partners claim to love the other but are not “in love” anymore and when conflict, illness, financial strain or other situations threaten to destroy the relationship.

A word about infidelity: Infidelity happens both in person and online and is devastating to the couple relationship. It takes a skilled counsellor, one familiar with the unique and complex dynamics couples demonstrate, to help couples through these challenging circumstances.

Elizabeth practices Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). A method supported by numerous scientific studies and practiced around the world. Using EFT she works with couples, together and individually in a comfortable, private setting where each persons feelings, fears and needs are heard and validated; where they are able to communicate without having the same arguments they have at home and where couples heal the injuries of betrayal and reconnect in meaningful ways.

With Elizabeth, couples understand how their arguments affect them and their relationship and they learn new ways of interacting. Throughout the process couples gain clarity, a renewed sense of connection and hope for the future of the relationship and for their family.

Couples end counselling with Elizabeth feeling better and with confidence in their ability to resolve issues and maintain a strong, stable connection and relationship.

There is no need to continue feeling badly. Participation in counselling is a sign of strength and a recognition of the importance of relationship and family.

You’ve thought about it before – this time make the call.   

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