Services at Oakridge Counselling

Services at Oakridge Counselling

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling sessions are offered within an inviting, comfortable, private and supportive relationship where you (the client) are the expert on your life, feelings and experiences.

While Elizabeth has her own expertise, she is a guide in the process of helping others achieve their goals based on their knowledge of themselves and their own functioning.

It is common for people to become overwhelmed by the pressures of life especially when working, parenting, managing a household, the health and welfare of children, their marriage and their own health, not to mention extended family responsibilities.

Even if the list of responsibilities is shorter than this one, it is still not uncommon to “lose sight” of what a person once  knew “deep down” about themselves and/or their ability to know what is best for them.

Elizabeth does not subscribe to the notion that “people are broken” and “need to be fixed” by professionals or experts.

She believes that people arrive in her office with everything they need to manage the situations that are troubling them, that they are confused about and the things that seem unmanageable.

Elizabeth’s role is to help people locate, change and/or remove barriers to their internal resources so they can return to their highest level of functioning.

With assistance, support, accountability, validation and encouragement most people are able to recognize what is right or best for them, to develop a plan to improve and to take the steps necessary to achieve that plan over time.

Ideally session are once a week for one hour. Once people start to feel more stable and secure within themselves and with their developing plan(s) the time between sessions can be extended. These decisions are made by the client with consideration of Elizabeth’s opinion.

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Contact Elizabeth at 519.471.4540

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