Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program
may be for you if you

  • Are you a recent graduate from a masters level counselling program or a Registered Social Worker?
  • Have you been doing individual counselling for a while and are considering offering couples counselling?
  • Do you have a desire to help couples but know you don’t have the skills or experience to do so?
  • Have you been doing couples counselling and want to get better at it?

Excellent, this program is for you.


Mentoring Program

With over 15 years of experience counselling couples, I will help you build on the skills you already have and show you how to be present and responsive with couples in pain.
You will learn how to help your couples improve their relationship. I will guide you when you think you don’t know what to do. And I will be right there with you until you feel confident enough
to do it on your own.

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