Healthy Relationship – What is it?

Sunset-Romantic-1024x640Most couples want to have a “healthy relationship.” Many will say I just want to be happy, or to have peace in my life, or for our relationship to be exciting again like it was in the beginning.

Many people have fallen into the trap of believing that if they don’t feel excited, or passionate in their relationship anymore, or if they feel bored, that they are no longer “IN LOVE.”

While a common belief, it is so very detrimental, to the health and longevity of relationship. This month on the FREE Webcast on March 20, 2014, I will talk about “Healthy Relationship” and offer some new definitions for this way of being. Be sure to be part of the conversation REGISTER NOW!

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Healthy Relationship?” Do you consider yours healthy? If not, take a moment to image what it would look like tomorrow if you woke up and had a “healthy relationship.” What would you look like together, what would you be doing/saying/feeling?

Have you talked with your partner about these things? How does your partner feel about your relationship? I encourage you to ask your partner to do the exercise you just did, and to imagine how your relationship would be different is he/she woke up tomorrow and it was the healthy relationship he/she desires.

Please don’t use this opportunity to focus on what is “wrong” with your relationship, but instead as an opportunity to get clear on how each of you would like it to be different and as an opportunity to connect with each other on a shared desire.

Once you’ve gotten clear with each other about what you desire, can you write down some ways to achieve those goals, clearly outlining what each of you will do, when and how you will do it and how you will know if it is working? And then can you post this “healthy relationship plan” somewhere where you will both see it often and be reminded of the steps you are taking individually and together to meet those goals?

Please be kind, gentle and patient with yourselves and each other in this process. Celebrate your achievements and work together to reevaluate your plan when things get in the way.

I hope you will consider joining me for the March 20, 2014 Webcast on this topic. It is easy to join, FREE to attend and confidential. There will be a ten minute question and answer period at the end of the call. Shortly after the webcast you will receive a recording of the discussion. REGISTER NOW.