Winter Blahs, Blues and Behaviours

426364_10150589621351288_669983031_nAs we get closer to February I find myself feeling more and more blah. I remind myself that the days are getting longer and that we are getting closer to spring each day, but the cold, dull days really start to get to me by February. Fortunately I have a birthday in the middle of the month so I’ve learned to look forward to that.

I’ve really had to search to find ways to feel better during these cold dark months. I’ve found that going for a drive on a sunny day helps, especially with a piping hot cup of Starbucks, as does planning my gardens for spring and researching summer get aways.

Last year I decided to enjoy the remaining days of winter by looking for movies I’ve wanted to watch and having “movie nights” in my cuddly, warm pyjamas in front of the fire. I usually don’t have a hard time convincing my husband and ten year old son to join me, especially if I offer hot chocolate.

I also took up “birding” last year as a hobby. I am surprised by how interested I have become in bird behaviour, especially in the winter months. I am so focused on making sure there is food in the feeder and water in my heated bird bath, that I go out early each morning to replenish the supply. It really is amazing to me that those tiny little beings can survive in the -15 weather we’ve had, not to mention the crazy winds. In fact, I feel fortunate to have a warm, shelter to sleep in when I wonder where the birds sleep at night and how they stay warm. Feeling grateful and fortunate in these short, dull months is an improvement in my mood in and of itself.

And finally, cooking things that only “make sense” to me in the winter months, like chilly, soup and muffins, that create a heavenly scent in the house, make me feel better for awhile.

So, if like me, you count the days until spring, and watch your mood improve with the presence of the sun and the warmer temperatures, know that as we move toward and through February, that spring is right around the corner and that the long cold days of winter will soon be behind us.

So snuggle up in your PJ’s with a hot drink on these chilly days.  Try to get out into the sunshine when you can and allow it to lead you gently into spring.