“Celebrating Relationship” A Valentines Day Workshop for Couples

Ask ElizabethElizabeth Lacey is hosting a couples workshop on February 5th 2015 6:00 – 9:00 pm
108-747 Hyde Park Road London ON  (just down the hall from Oakridge Counselling)

In this workshop we will explore the “RUTS” so common to committed relationship; how being in a RUT affects each person and the space between them; ways to get out of the RUT and to forgive your self and your partner for your behaviour while in the RUT; how to cope with knowing you will likely get into a RUT again AND how to reconnect and maintain connection during good and not so good times

Enjoy an evening out with your partner in a relaxed and festive environment complete with celebratory refreshments, music and hope that affirms the sacred connection you share     

Bring another couple and both couples save 15%Amor-Wallpapers-HD

Cost: 3 hour Workshop

$100 per couple or $85 per couple when you bring another couple

Register via email or phone 519.471.4540

Payment is due when you register using Visa, MasterCard, etransfer or Paypal. Or at Oakridge Counselling using cash or debit